Campaign and Stunt Mobilization consultancy


Globally, 48% of the 3.77 billion people under the age of 30 are young women and girls. Being home to world’s largest population, Plan International Asia prioritizes our works in four key areas (child marriage, youth employment, Girls in Crisis and SDGs) whereby young women and girls hold an inequitable disadvantage.

Launched in October 2018, Girls Get Equal is a global social change campaign conceptualized by Plan International to ensure every girl and young woman has power over her own life and can shape the world around her. Girls Get Equal has been inspired by and will strive towards realizing the second part of Plan International’s 100 Million Reasons purpose statement – “We strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls”. The intended tone of Girls Get Equal is loud, active, collaborative, youth-led and edgy. With the first year of the campaign’s life to follow the theme ‘Fame’, the mobilization of Girls Get Equal is aimed at making the campaign prominent with youth in our country offices.

Under the theme of making Girls Get Equal famous, the goal for campaign stunts is to develop a space for youth, especially girls, to freely voice their opinions on issues that influence their lives and target social and administrative change.

To catalyze the change, Plan International Asia intends to launch campaign stunts that complement ‘Girls Get Equal’ and we aim to support 45 million girls in Asia. For this, the stunts aim to not only raise awareness to the disparities that exist amongst young women and girls in Asia, but to create a platform to showcase their abilities and agency in mobilizing the necessary change that allows them to reach their full potential.

Girls Get Equal has three demands to which stunts and ideas can fall under.

We won’t stop until girls get equal:

Power – influencers and decision takers create space and opportunities so that girls and young women have the power to make crucial decisions affecting their lives.

Freedom – young people have the freedom to move, to live and to speak up without threat of violence and harassment

Representation – the communicators, script writers, advertisers, marketeers and curriculum writers that shape how girls are perceived stop reinforcing damaging stereotypes about girls and young women and start sharing diverse stories of the power of girls.

Objectives of the Consultancy The overall objective of this consultancy is to have an Ideas Book produced and act as a guideline to support country specific stunt initiatives. It has been agreed with country offices to focus on two regional stunts:

1. Art Power

Visualized to be the central stunt for the region in October 2019, Art Power is a simultaneous art installation exhibition to be unveiled across cities in the region. The intent of this stunt is to be youth-led that represents and employs cultural and artistic diversity found in the region through a feminist perspective. An ‘Ideas Book’ will be produced as a means to provide contingency plans and further suggestions on how countries can take forward the initiative to accommodate their context and resources.

Target Audience

Local – City Mayors, State Ministers, heads of local government

National– Prime Ministers and Presidents, Leaders of upper and lower houses of parliaments, Members of Parliament, CEOs, corporate partners, senior managers, youth groups and other influencers Regional – Regional bodies such as ASEAN, SAARC and other International Organizations

2. Game Plan Asia

In a possible collaboration with a Football Foundation, this initiative aims to start with national female football coaching leading up to a regional football tournament to highlight power and freedom aspects of Girls Get Equal while working as a base for what could become Game Plan Asia to shadow meaningful regional sporting events in the future.

Target Audience

Local –City Mayors, State Ministers, heads of local government, school boards, teachers and head teachers

National– Prime Ministers and Presidents, Leaders of upper and lower houses of parliaments, Members of Parliament, CEOs, corporate partners, senior managers, sports foundations, youth groups and other influencers

Regional – Presidents of regional bodies such as ASEAN, SAARC and other International Organizations and sports federations.

Criteria for Consultancy:

Must contain 9 different art styles or ideas specific to 9 country offices
Must include suggestion for artists to commission and spaces to display in each country office
Must detail strategic approach on how to engage youth
Must detail strategic digital engagement
Must include suggested budget for each art style or idea with working plan on how country offices can procure spaces for art installation
Must include post-stunt activities
Include suggestion on how to mobilize Game Plan Asia into more than just an event
Outputs and Timeline the output for the consultant is to have the deliverable; Ideas Book completed by the end of July 2019. Number of working days required is 30 days and initial consultation is set to start in early May 2019. consultant to support our regional campaign stunts/ activation

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